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Quotes I started dating this woman I met at a bar. She told me she wasn't married and everything was going good until her husband found out she was messing around and then she screamed rape and her husband called the police. Of course she would rather see me burn than tell her husband the truth. I was scared. My life and my career were about to go down as well as the possibility of going to prison. My lawyer arranged for me to go to Mr. Patterson and told me to just tell the truth and he would know what to ask to help me get through this whole fiasco. Of course, I passed and Mr. Patterson followed up with a report which my lawyer took to the Commonwealth Attorney, who then requested the woman accusing me to take a polygraph test. Well she didn't and all charges were dropped. I don't know what would have happened if I had not taken the test with Mr. Patterson. He is well experienced and well respected in his profession. Quotes
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Quotes Helped prove to me that someone else tried to ruin my marriage by falsely accusing my husband of infidelity. He was willing to take a polygraph test to prove he was being faithful to me. He was nervous, but determined to prove this was a lie. The test showed that he was being faithful to me, without a doubt. I highly recommend that if you have a similar situation, let him help you. He is truly worth everything we paid. Quotes

Quotes Mr. Patterson was very respectful and eased my fears of taking a polygraph test. My lawyer recommended that I contact him to help out with my case. The prosecutor at the courthouse accepted Mr. Pattersons finding without question. Quotes

Quotes I took a polygraph before going to Mr. Patterson. The guy who did the first test was some kind of PI. Obviously not a polygraph operator with much experience. He was everything but professional. The written report he provided wasn't even understandable. "Did I pass or not?" My first clue should have been when he reduced his price to try and lure me in. However, Mr. Patterson was a professional from the time I walked in his office and throughout our meeting. He guided me through the entire process and made me feel at ease the whole time. I knew I was telling the truth and had confidence he was going to help me prove it. His written report was precise in words that no one would question whether or not I passed. If you're calling around to check out qualifications and price, you need not go any further. You'll find cheaper if you want to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks, but I used someone else to begin with and I can tell you that was a $200 mistake. Quotes
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Quotes No word can express what Mr. Patterson's service has done for the present and future state of our family. Quotes
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Quotes Thank you, Sir. You kept me from making a very serious life changing mistake. What you do is very valuable. We are both very grateful to you. Quotes

Quotes No one ever wants to be accused of's a nightmare. Mr Patterson took the time to explain the polygraph process, and make sure the infidelity questions my husband had were addressed. To say this test saved my marriage is an under statement. I knew I was telling the truth, and Mr Patterson helped me prove it once and for all. I recommend him highly for the expert and understanding way he handled our problem. Quotes

Quotes Mr. Pattersons' professional manner and obvious experience set me at ease immediately. He knew the right questions to ask from the interview we had prior to the test. His professional experience and demeanor during the test was definitely the difference between him and the others who were cheaper in price. You get what you pay for, and for me, it was well worth it. If you ever need to take a polygraph to prove anything, I highly recommend this man. Quotes
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