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Public Alert and Warning

 Someone is posting fake reviews in an attempt to discredit American Polygraph Services and at least one other polygraph business in Virginia.

We believe this is a vicious action by another polygraph examiner in an attempt to gain our business.

We are conducting an investigation of this act and will soon find out who this person is.

Once it is learned, we have decided to take action against this person for trying to ruin the reputation of our businesses and polygraph examiners. This will include filing Federal and State criminal charges against the person or persons involved and filing a complaint with the Virginia Department or Professional and Occupational Regulation to have their polygraph license(s) revoked.

This is an egregious act that not only hurts the good reputations of our businesses and services, but also misleads you the public away from people who have taken great pride in serving you with the best qualified examiners with the highest certifications in this profession.

 If  you are another polygraph examiner, and this applies to reviews given to your business, please contact us to participate in this joint effort.


 John Patterson

Owner of American Polygraph Services  


Over-the-phone lie detection is a Scam. Please do not become a victim.

Stand-alone Voice Stress Analyzers are not allowed in Virginia. The examiner must be licensed by the state and it can only be used in conjunction with the polygraph instrument.

How much does a polygraph cost?

This is a question many people have when looking for a polygraph/lie detection examination. If you are working with a certified examiner who is a member of a nationally recognized organization, you are working with a professional.

Usually, anyone who quotes you a price of around $250 is someone of little experience, does polygraph testing as a sideline to their other business, and/or does not participate in advanced and continuing education.

Ask for their experience and credentials and have them send you the information for your review.

Also ask if they are using the latest advanced computerized polygraph equipment.

If they try to avoid the issue or will not provide you the information, then this is not the examiner for you.

You want to confirm the truth on a personal matter and you want it done by a professional who specializes only in polygraph.


Legal/Criminal matters:   $500.00

Domestic Relations/Infidelity matters and personal trust issues: $375.00. 

Couples testing: If both tests are conducted during the same appointment slot the cost for the second test is $200.00:

Maintenance/Monitoring testing: $375.00 for first test and $300.00 for periodic testing.

Maintenance/Monitoring testing is for individuals with addictive and habitual behaviors i.e., sexual misconduct, drugs, shoplifting etc.

The initial test is to assure full disclosure of past behaviors and periodic testing is then conducted on an ongoing basis to assure there has been no reoccurring deviant activity.

Periodic testing may be random, monthly or every six months as desired.

* Military Discount:

Active U.S. Military personnel automatically receive a $50.00 discount from the regular fee of a Polygraph Examination. 

 Thank you for your service !!!

 *A $75.00 deposit is required to confirm appointments. Deposits are only refundable if cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to the appointment time and date.          (A $10.00 surcharge is included in all PayPal payments)        
Other Charges